Become a Referral Affiliate

  • Generate additional income for your business
  • No need to hold stock
  • Are you UK based and in the wellness & health community, or do you have a keen interest in the value of top quality health products
  • Do you have clients or know people who would benefit from our products

How does it work?

After you receive your unique “Affiliate Code”, refer people to products on our website and we pay you a commission for each sale

  • Promote your Affiliate Code with our website link on your social media; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.
  • Give your code to clients, friends and family…
  • Put a linked banner, with your code, on your website
  • Add your code and our link, to your email marketing
  • etc...

Whenever someone buys an item using your Affiliate code, we pay you a commission every time they buy.

Contact Simon if you would like to become a Referral Affiliate, or find out more:

At Won World we constantly research new products, so our product range is growing all the time. We started trading early 2021 and will only sell the best, so we're very selective about what items we sell. We believe in quality rather than quantity. Our customers can rest assured they will always buy top quality products from us.