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Best Telemarketing provides an outbound B2B calling/ telemarketing service, effectively a telesales person at your disposal when you need them.

How it works:

  • Book a minimum of 2 weeks (40 hours) = £760 (paid in advance) and schedule the hours to fit your needs
  • No office catchment restrictions
  • No hiring, operational or legal costs to retain or replace telemarketers
  • We can source and replace telemarketers if there is a performance issue, usually within 48 hours
  • We only use people with at least 3+ year’s outbound telesales experience.
  • We can report in real-time or at intervals of your choice
    • Sign into clients/your CRM using guest account
    • Google docs or Excel
  • We can work from a database, excel list or source our own leads online

Next steps:

  • Pay online above
  • We contact you directly to confirm the agreement
  • We source and arrange for you to speak to and select your telemarketer
  • You brief your telemarketer with everything they need to perform the best for you
  • Arrange calling hours each week
  • Pay £760 in advance for your first 2 weeks (40 hours) and your campaign is confirmed

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