CBD Oil, Full Spectrum, 10%, 1000mg (organically grown)


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Premium Quality Cannabis Extract, Rich in CBD, Triterpenes & Phytocannabinoids

10% 1000mg CBD & CBDa an Organic MCT Oil

The best of botanical cannabinoids, in every single drop

  • full spectrum co2 extract cannabis with winterisation
  • outdoor grown from organic EU approved hemp flowers
  • contains less than 0.2% THC
  • blended into MCT oil for optimal bio-availability
  • lab verified for quality and potency

BIOCHI Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a smooth blend of outdoor grown cannabis, extracted into MCT oil and winterised for purity. We use an optimal natural seed strain that is EU approved and grown organically without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

This oil is non-psychoactive with THC being under 0.2%. Having some THC present allows for a better enterocyte effect. Every batch is tested for both purity confirmation of cannabinoid levels. This is a fine quality extract containing 1000mg of CBD+CBDA

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as ‘Cannabidiol’ is one of over a hundred naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plants. CBD in It’s raw unprocessed form is ‘CBDa’ with almost identical properties and both make up a large proportion of the cannabinoids. Both of these cannabinoids have a large body of research on their effects within the human body giving them particular significance.

Why Full Spectrum?

The combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids work in synergy to magnify and give an entourage effect within in our endocannabinoid system, amplifying the effects through complex interactions and feedback pathways. An isolate will be able to do this without other bioactive cofactors present and as such may not be as effective, even if the concentration of CBD is very high. For this reason we choose and trust in the intelligence of the plant complex to provide the best effects as nature intended.
Rich in Terpenes

BIOCHI CBD Oil has high levels of plant terpenes which also bind to and activate CB2 receptors. They play an important role in the delivery the CBD into cells and synergise with other components in the plant to better the enterocyte effect of a full spectrum oil.

Lab Tested

Every Batch of BIOCHI CBD OIl is lab tested in the UK for both it’s cannabinoid profile balance, ensuring THC is below 0.2% as well as its purity ensuring its free from heavy metals and bacteria.

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CBD & the Endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Like all mammals, we have an ‘Endocannabinoid System’ which was astonishingly only discovered in the 1990’s. As the name suggests, endo means ‘within’ and relates to how we can easily absorb, interact and even produce our own phyto-cannabinoids. We have complex receptor sites found in the brain, central and peripheral nervous systems as well as the gut, allowing for cannabinoids such as CBD to easily interact with this system.

The ECS has two major types of receptors, namely CB1 receptors that THC connects to which deal with cognition, emotions, motor coordination, appetite and CB2 Receptors (subtype) occurs in peripheral tissues like gut immune system. Modulates and inhibits inflammatory cytokine production.

Organically Grown Outdoors

We understand that the integrity of both the plant and soil is fundamental in achieving a high quality extract. Our plants are grown outside under natural sunlight in Poland from EU approved cannabis strains.

The soil is supported with partially biodynamic farming methods and the plants are grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. We choose outdoor grown plants that are exposed to the full spectrum of light from the sun as to properly form it’s plant alkaloids in balance as nature intended.

How to use CBD Oil

  • The oil can be consumed and enjoyed directly from the dropper on the tongue as this offers the best absorption.
  • Simply drop 2-8 drops under the tongue 1-2 times a day and adjust the dose accordingly.
  • It’s best taken away from meals and most people prefer taking it at night time for better sleep. It can also be added with our shilajit in a warm beverage for even better synergy and absorption, this is a combination we love!


All of our oil is extracted using supercritical CO2. This allows the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to be highly available for extraction maintaining low heat and avoids the use of chemicals and solvent. This process captures a wide range of the plants biological constituents including the Omega fatty acids. Our extracts only use the flowering part of the plant due to the higher concentration of desirable Phyto-cannabinoids. The rest of the plant is used for other means so nothing is wasted.
Quality Guarantee

Every batch is tested independently straight after extraction and again independently in the UK. This is to verify and confirm the balance of cannabinoids, concentration and absence of impurities to guarantee continuity and quality of our product. We take traceability  and testing seriously so we know exactly what’s in our products.

Safety, Side effects and contraindications.

It’s worth noting that CBD has a really good overall safety profile with no major side effects. However some people can experience mild drowsiness, sedation, appetite disruption and stomach discomfort. In most cases this is the result of exceeding recommended doses.
Most of the time CBD can be used alongside other medications, however we always recommend you consult a medical professional if you’re on medication.
CBD can reduce blood pressure which is also to be noted by some individuals who’s pressure is already very low.
However we advise to not give CBD to pregnant women or children unless advised by a medical professional.

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